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A Citizen Files Complaint in Federal Court Against the EEOC for Falsified Official Documents

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

John Moore has filed a case with the United States District Court against the EEOC

Hello, I am John Moore and I am currently taking the US EEOC to federal court for $50 million. A government employee intentionally corrupted the official information chain to gain case closure approval. This caused me to lose any chance of obtaining justice for my EEOC case. The reason I created this site is to spread awareness and find others who may have faced similar situations. I would like to build a database of testimonies from others who have had similar interactions with the EEOC.

"... a grave mistake”

Imagine going to work everyday seeing the same poster, prompting you to contact the EEOC if you ever needed help due to a discriminatory situation. Picture being called inflammatory terms based on your race by your manager and direct reports. Imagine going to the EEOC to learn that cases filed by marginalized people were being dismissed and quashed with falsehoods and fabrications by the EEOC investigators that were hired to help those who are seeking justice.

"I have no excuses for this."

In society, there are Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the missions' of organizations are successfully upheld. What do you do when someone who is working for the government decides to corrupt the integrity of information, in turn, causing you grave harm by preventing you from having a fair chance at justice? The feeling of helplessness overcomes you. This is not supposed to happen! What happens when reporting up the chain is not enough? What happens when the Regional Director of the EEOC tells you that they're sorry that their organization harmed you, but there's nothing that YOU can do about it?

"The greatest threats to federal information systems are internal."

There is no disagreement between myself and the EEOC about an employee intentionally corrupting information in a government computer system. However, being told the EEOC cannot be held accountable for their actions is unacceptable. Shouldn't the EEOC be held accountable?

Please share this site to help show support.

Have you experienced anything similar? If so, please contact me at

There is strength in numbers.


Case files:

Download PDF • 3.48MB

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